WWE’s Biggest Issue: Injuries

Listening to the Masked Man Show today and the Maker of Fine Shoes hit on a note from this week in WWE...Samoa Joe gave a blistering promo and made a vulnerable Roman Reigns look even more vulnerable. Made me think, "Shit, Joe is great. Shame he's been hurt twice this year." And it got me... Continue Reading →


Its Time to Bring Back The King of the Ring

Lets start off by asking the most important question: why did it go away in the first place? King of the King (KotR) was legitimately my favorite PPV of the year, so why the fuck did Vince can it? According to Bruce Prichard and his award winning Something To Wrestle With podcast: Vince McMahon didn’t like it.... Continue Reading →

Xenophobia and the WWE

Tell me how in 2017 this angle still plays? You can't. Moreover, why is an international publicly traded company supporting blind hatred in their storytelling? Not to mention the fact that your champion, a guy from Canada (who is portraying someone from India), is a chicken shit heel who can't get a clean win. Hard... Continue Reading →

WWE 24: Kurt Angle

I am usually asleep by 10:30 on Monday nights. Which means most weeks I have to catch the end of RAW on my DVR. But last night the commercials for WWE 24 worked like 5 Hour Energy and I was a half asleep truck driver. Believe me when I tell you this was one of... Continue Reading →

Is JBL the Bill O’Reilly of WWE?

With "Poppa Bear" Bill O'Reilly getting "future endeavored" from FOX News today, I kind of feel like JBL may be next. I am not comparing sexual assault to bullying. But I am providing a commentary on how public opinion and personal agendas can dictate the way a public corporation handles its employees. I see a... Continue Reading →

This is Braun’s Yard

Well, it looks like RAW is back to its 00's antics of using some first-rate gimmicks to pop the crowd. Last week we had a human man pick up an ambulance and turn it over on its side. Whoa. This week we had that same human man, suplex a bigger human man and collapse the ring. I... Continue Reading →

Superstar Shake-Up: SmackDown’s Success

This is certainly not the only analysis of this week's Superstar Shake-Up, but it sure as shit has the most alliterative title. When Vinnie Mac dropped this bombshell last week my initial thought was, "cool another draft". Obviously this was not a draft but more like that time the Baltimore Colts packed up their shit... Continue Reading →

Undertaker Will RIP

Dropping a scorching hot take, but WrestleMania 33's go-home match, proved that Undertaker should have retired 3 years ago when Brock Lesnar beat him. I initially said this drunkenly Sunday night, but have taken time since then to contemplate and reflect on my hypothesis. While my life decisions remain suspect, my postulation on Taker has made me... Continue Reading →

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