Fastlane: Kick Off

This is the first attempt at making sense of the crazy, mixed-up world that is WWE creative. So buckle up for the ride, this is Fastlane. (Excuse that horrible pun, I immediately want to kill myself for writing it.)

Fastlane has my expectations at an all-time low. This has the potential to go down in history as one of the worst ever. Enzo/Cass v. Gallows/Anderson, will they hotshot this and keep burying G/A? Or will they keep it on G/A and continue to make them job out every week on RAW? Bayley v. Charlotte? I mean the outcome is so predictable, no matter how good these two work this match, I am already not-interested.

Not trying to be a blowhard here. I  think there is a potential for all of these matches. Probably the Reigns v. Strowman match has me scratching my head the most. IMO this could go either way, I just hope they give me a good match. Also, if it ends in a schmohz I really wouldn’t be pissed. This has dusty finish written all over it. Just give me a solid 10 mins + in-ring and I’ll be happy.

My boi, Pete Rose holding it down on the pre-show making all of us pecker-heads proud, but Renee is absolutely killing the jacket game tonight. Thank god for Renee Young, am I right? I’ll re-cap this  PPV later. I have a nice buzz going, so I’m gonna grab another beer before this starts.



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