This is Braun’s Yard

Well, it looks like RAW is back to its 00’s antics of using some first-rate gimmicks to pop the crowd. Last week we had a human man pick up an ambulance and turn it over on its side. Whoa. This week we had that same human man, suplex a bigger human man and collapse the ring. I guess Gorilla Monsoon wasn’t there to tell anyone to reinforce it. We have yet to see someone blow up inside of a limo or see a semi drive through an ambulance, but I see where this is going.

Forget about who was inside the ambulance or who helped him collapse the ring, Braun Strowman is the true star here. Fucking strap a rocket pack to his back, dude is getting pushed to the moon. I haven’t seen this type of treatment in a long time. Vinny is pulling out all of the production money to get him over. But more than just throwing money at him, this shit is connecting. It’s popping the crowd and its getting mainstream media coverage.

The ring spot from last night was featured on CBS This Morning’s 90 second eye opener segment. IMO, the most reputable news organization on televisions is willingly promoting WWE content in the era of #fakenews. That’s bold. Wrestlemania segments barely made it onto network news. Had it not been for John Cena’s second job at TODAY, there wouldn’t probably have been any coverage for Mania. On the WWE’s YouTube channel the ambulance spot has 7+ million views and the ring spot form last night already has 3+ million at the time of writing.

Getting back to why all of this is important; RAW is doing things that are creating visceral reactions and are getting the audience to engage with the brand. While it may be gimmicky, it gets people talking. The past two weeks have further deepened the schism between the two brands. By reverting to more “Attitude Era” gimmicks, RAW is further defining itself as the entertainment brand, while SmackDown continues to be the show about wrestling.

The point is, it’s working. RAW is building to a point where viewers are going to tune into RAW to see what the next big spot will be. Coupling this with the Superstar Shake Up, which was covered on 3ManBlog last week, I feel like SmackDown will continue to be the “B show” based on ratings…

and I am totally okay with that.


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