Is JBL the Bill O’Reilly of WWE?

With “Poppa Bear” Bill O’Reilly getting “future endeavored” from FOX News today, I kind of feel like JBL may be next. I am not comparing sexual assault to bullying. But I am providing a commentary on how public opinion and personal agendas can dictate the way a public corporation handles its employees. I see a lot of parallels between these two stories: public outrage, agendas, and a history of poor behavior that is finally catching up to the accused.

I promise that I am not going to bury Bill O’Reilly or JBL in this blog post. They are grown men who have made decisions. Some of their issues are very public, but other elements of their issues remain private. I have no idea the relationship between Mauro Ranallo and JBL and if there is a history of bullying that exacerbated Mauro’s well documented mental health issues. But what I can tell you is that JBL has a well document history of being a “bully” around the locker room. As Booker-T mentioned on his Heated Conversations podcast, the term “bullying” should probably be regulated to the schoolyard. Nevertheless, JBL’s well document “ribbing” is a fact that we cannot deny. If you don’t believe me ask Public Enemy. Dude beat the shit out of them on live TV because they tried to change a finish.

Bill O’Reilly clearly has been a douchebag his entire life. From birth this guy came out as a bald, middle-aged, misogynist. But the years of douchery and mistreatment of women has apparently finally caught up with him after being canned today. Why now though? The reasons are threefold. First, mainstream outrage in a era where Conservative media is a consistent target, makes him scapegoat being the standard-bearer for the most staunch Conservative news network. Secondly, other people in media with their own agendas have been trying to take down O’Reilly for years. This was just the icing on the cake for them. And third, the guy is a douche and deserved to be fired.

Essentially, this is the straw that broke the camel’s back for O’Reilly. And if you don’t see parallels between O’Reilly’s story and JBL’s you are blind. The fan base is outraged that Mauro is gone. He was a legitimate play-by-play guy that added instant credibility to SmackDown. Secondly, people like Dave Meltzer are trying to bury JBL to sell more subscriptions and push more of his own agenda. And lastly, JBL has a history of being a douche. Where the similarities between to two diverge is that FOX News is trying to be a legitimate news organization whereas WWE is in the entertainment business.

But if you ask me, the circumstances that led to O’Reilly’s departure prove that in this day in age when public opinion is against you, other members of the media are using rumor and innuendo to bury you, and you have a history of being a dick; management will react.


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